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Even worse than seeing women's privacy violated on social media is reading the accompanying sexy fotp that show such a lack of empathy. Skip navigation! Story from Reclaim Your Domain.

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Cory Stieg. Some people say the only way to stop online harassment is to stop going online. Well, we aren't going. Reclaim Your Domain is Refinery29's campaign to make the internet and the world outside of it a safer space cotp everyone — especially women.

This week, another batch of personal photos were stolen from celebrities and circulated on the internet, this time targeting actresses Emma WatsonAmanda Seyfried, and Jillian Murray.

sexy fotp

The content of the sexy fotp allegedly vary from Watson sitting in the bathtub nude, to her trying on clothing with her stylist, to her taking selfies with her friends. Watson's publicist specifically said they are not nude photos, and her camp is not commenting.

According to Buzzfeedthe photos of Seyfried and Murray show them nude and possibly engaging in sexual activity. But, of course, it sexy fotp doesn't matter what they were doing or wearing in the photos, because nobody should have personal photos stolen and disseminated sexy fotp their consent.

Sexy fotp

And beyond that, so what if these women have nude or nearly nude photos on their phones? That's incredibly common and unremarkable, and we need to stop judging people especially women for possessing these kinds of sexy fotp in the first place. Another survey of Cosmopolitan.

And as time goes on, this practice is only becoming sexy fotp common: But even though horny cinti girls people are doing it, that doesn't mean everyone uses nude or suggestive photos for revenge or shares these images non-consensually.

An estimated 10 million people said in they've been a victim of revenge porn. Unfortunately, it seems likely that, as the number of people possessing nudes increases, so will the number sexy fotp hacks and nonconsensual photo-sharing incidents — until we figure out sexy fotp solution, that's the depressing reality.

That said, blaming the people who possess the photos isn't the answer, especially since everyone has different lines in terms of what they're willing to share.

Sexy fotp

If you take a quick scroll on your own phone camera roll, there's a decent chance that you have at least fop photo that you sexj not want someone else to see: One person's "sexy photo" is another's profile pic, so the range of what you're comfortable capturing or sharing online is huge. And sexy fotp, everyone has sexy fotp own style of taking an intentionally sexy photobecause everyone finds different things sexy.

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tantra massage prague Taking, possessing, or sending nude or suggestive images isn't shame-worthy or fringe behavior — it's the norm and nothing to sneer at. People were quick to judge Watson, saying her photos were sexy fotp but they also criticized her feminism because she posed for a publication topless, so it seems like the world just can't give her a break.

When a similar photo hack happened to Jennifer Lawrence inSexy fotp spoke up:. Maybe we all need a reminder that what you do with your body is your call and nobody should be able to dictate what's wrong or what's right about it. Even truer, how you sexy fotp to document what makes you sexy is a personal thing, whether or not you choose to share it with the world or your partner.

It becomes a legal sexy fotp when your personal photos that you explicitly did not want shared get shared, but that's a whole different story. If you've got nudes, that's totally fine — it's your body, your choice.

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